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March 21-June 21

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Story Theatre is committed to supporting emerging and mid-career professional
playwrights and theatre creators across BC who are interested in making Theatre for
Young Audiences (TYA).

Welcome to The Writer’s Room: A Paid Play Research & Development Program

The 2022-23 Writer’s Room Program will provide 4 BC- based playwrights or
creative collectives with space, training, and resources to use for exploring new play development, creating new works, and practising leadership of their own artistic processes. This is not a results driven program, but rather an opportunity to build skills together and see where your creativity lands when given the chance to engage.

It is our hope that by providing artists with resources and training, new ideas and stories will be explored. It is also our aim to build community with artists who want to work in TYA and empower the next generation as leaders of change.

PROGRAM TIMELINE: Oct 1-31, 2022