Story Theatre Company

It is vital to ignite children’s imaginations, to help them to unplug, to dream, to create. 

The Story Theatre style is interactive, and as the stories, games, and music unfold, the audience experiences words come to life. Through simple costumes, sets, and props we invite our audiences to express themselves both creatively and socially. Our work helps children explore their imaginations and express themselves in creative ways. Story Theatre is the antidote to some of today's passive and isolating digital technology. 

We create productions for young people using traditional narrative material as a base. We perform material that is fun, while at the same time enhancing the school curriculum in Language Arts, Music, and Citizenship.

from our Artistic Director David MacPherson

David MacPherson, Story Theatre's Artistic Director, introduces this season:  “We’re sending out a new cohort of theatre professionals to present our unique style of theatre to young people across our country and we are thrilled to announce the world premiere of Erin Macklem’s Blue Beads & Blueberries as one of our touring shows. We commissioned her to write this engaging show exploring her Metis heritage which I’m sure you and your students will love. I am also excited to introduce deaf storyteller Denise Read and performer Ingrid Moore and our new workshop introducing ASL and deaf culture to students. Kirsti Hack, who toured with the company for a number of years, has created theme music for Rhymes, Reason & Rascals. This mix of tradition and innovation continues to make my job an adventure.”