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Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Palm trees during a hurricane


We’re hosting our Annual General Meeting online. *surprise, surprise*

Join us Sunday, Dec 13 at 2pm

We’ll keep the business brief, and then be joined for a brief Q+A with artist Izad Etemadi, who has created a touring play 1002 Nights with our support. A preview will also be shared of the alternative work our creative teams have been making for young audiences. Come to learn more about what our organization does and where we’re heading in the future. We’d love to celebrate the approach of our 40th season in style - together with you!

To join us, please RSVP:

Introducing Anti-Oppression Consultants:

Rage Sweater Theatre Productions + Guest Artist Tenyjah McKenna

Story Theatre is putting human dignity and care at the centre of our priorities and processes. Due to the systemic violence and barriers QT2BIPOC and Disabled artists face in our industry and society at large, Anti-Oppression consultation is a necessary part of the foundational work we are doing. Story Theatre is proud to announce our collaboration with Rage Sweater Theatre Productions who have been hired to work with us throughout the year in this capacity. Each artist at Rage Sweater has lived experience, artistic skills, and expertise they bring to their consultation work. Together, our goal is to identify and remove as many barriers as we can that limit marginalized groups from participating in this company. We are currently doing this work through critical analysis of policy through a BIPOC disability justice lens , by exploring creative mentorship opportunities for BIPOC youth, and by understanding our personal and industry-created biases in a Anti-Racism workshop.

More about Rage Sweater Theatre Productions:

K.P Dennis, Monica Ogden, and Tony Adams make up Rage Sweater Theatre Productions, the creative team behind the award-winning Monica vs. The Internet: Tales of a Social Justice Warrior (★★★★★ Winnipeg Free Press) and LUB DUB (★★★★ Edmonton Journal).

K.P Dennis (they/them) is a black, non-binary, multi-disciplinary artist, producer, director, and activist. Monica Ogden (she/they) is a disabled Filipina Polynesian storyteller, anti-racist feminist actor and YouTuber. Together they are an unapologetically loud, QT2BIPOC , non-binary, disabled theatre company, whose work focuses on socio-political activism, and sharing BIPOC stories. They mix storytelling, stand-up comedy, movement, and song, as well as bringing the audience together in their practice of being present together. Rage Sweater are the recent recipients of the ProArt Witness Legacy Award for Social Purpose and Responsibility Through Art 2020.

GIVING Tuesday

Tomorrow is Giving Tuesday. We can’t ask the kids in our audience for their milk money, so we’re asking you. Please support us in our mission to inspire imagination and encourage literacy through live theatrical performance and storytelling.

Anyone who donates $20 (or more) on Tuesday, will be giving us an extra $2 from Canada Helps. Donate HERE.


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